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High-voltage adjustable regulator - TL783C-TI

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The TL783C is an adjustable three-terminal highvoltage regulator with an output range of 1.25 V to 125 V and a DMOS output transistor capable of sourcing more than 700 mA. It is designed for use in high-voltage applications where standard bipolar regulators cannot be used. Excellent performance specifications, superior to those of most bipolar regulators, are achieved through circuit design and advanced layout techniques.

As a state-of-the-art regulator, the TL783C combines standard bipolar circuitry with high-voltage

double-diffused MOS transistors on one chip to yield a device capable of withstanding voltages far higher than

standard bipolar integrated circuits. Because of its lack of secondary breakdown and thermal runaway

characteristics usually associated with bipolar outputs, the TL783C maintains full overload protection while

operating at up to 125 V from input to output. Other features of the device include current limiting,

safe-operating-area (SOA) protection, and thermal shutdown. Even if ADJ is inadvertently disconnected, the

protection circuitry remains functional.

Only two external resistors are required to program the output voltage. An input bypass capacitor is necessary

only when the regulator is situated far from the input filter. An output capacitor, although not required, improves

transient response and protection from instantaneous output short circuits. Excellent ripple rejection can be

achieved without a bypass capacitor at the adjustment terminal.
High-voltage adjustable regulator - TL783C-TI

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Intern artikelnummer KA08237
Typenummer TL783C-TI
Categorie Gereedschap & Onderdelen
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UNSPSC 39121635
Merk Texas Instruments
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